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Pacific Coast is a full-service Rep Group that supports Dealers and Distributors within the CEDIA and Enterprise Market Space.  We work with some of the top tier manufactures in the industry.  We support the Dealer, Distributor, and the Manufacturer in all aspects of the sales process.  Our team includes some of the finest and highly experienced personnel in our industry.  Together we at Pacific Coast work as a team to help with all levels of; Marketing, Sales, Training, System Design and Tech Support.  Any Dealer can at any time call upon any team member for full assistance with sales, marketing, technical help or even just to get a suggestion with product placement for any job or system design.  Our team is completely cross trained in all areas of our company from administration to full on tech support.  All members are trained to work from the office to full field support.  The team can assist via remote, such as using Zoom, FaceTime as well as full onsite surveys and system designs.  We believe that our partners are only as good as the tools we give them.  We do full trainings, live and remote in all areas of your business.  Not just sales or technical support but administration, marketing, networking and team building.

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